A First for NT Women

13 Sep 2016 10:58 AM | Janis Shaw

Congratulations go to Michael Gunner, Northern Territory's new Chief Minister, for appointing the first female majority Cabinet in Australia, with five of the eight ministerial roles going to women. 

The new Cabinet was sworn in yesterday. New Treasurer, Nicole Manison, was also sworn in as Deputy Chief Minister. Natasha Fyles as Attorney-General will also take on the roles of Minister for Justice and Minister for Health. Dale Wakefield, following her historic win in Alice Springs, will be in Cabinet as Families Minister. Lauren Moss will take up the critical environment portfolio, amongst other responsibilities, and Eva Lawler the education portfolio.

In addition, Independent Member, Kezia Purick, will remain as Speaker of the House, which assures a well ordered Parliament.

Yesterday Mr Gunner refuted John Howard's recent comments at the National Press Club - that there could never be an equal number of men and women in politics - as simply wrong. 

"It's 2016 and let's celebrate we have a lot of women in parliament," Mr Gunner said. "We have a very strong female team and there should always be strong female voices in our parliament."

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