BPW Darwin Women's Mentoring Program

About our Program

BPW Darwin has received a Women's Leadership and Development Grant to run a Women's Mentoring Program.

The six-month program seeks to empower women, build confidence and leadership capacity, strengthen economic independence, support female labour force participation and ultimately reduce the gender gap in the economic status of women in the Northern Territory.

Once nominations have been received, 30 mentors and 30 mentees will be partnered into groups of six (3 mentors, with one identified as the main facilitator, and 3 mentees). These groups are referred to as Mentoring Growth Groups.

It is expected that mentors and mentees will meet face to face on a monthly basis for a Roundtable session, with a touch point each fortnight, be it through zoom/teleconference meetings, text, phone or otherwise.

In addition, for each month of the program, BPW Darwin will coordinate an appropriate professional development workshop for any interested participants to attend. 

Key Dates - 2021 Pilot Program

June - Call for Nominations
16 July - Close of nominations (if places are not filled sooner) and allocation of mentoring growth groups.
20 July - Ministers Launch Event Parliament House
24 or 31 July - 3 hour launch workshop for participants
August - November - Monthly face to face meetings with fortnightly communications and goal setting. 
August - November - Professional Development workshops offered on relevant topics. 
October - Update Workshop to track progress
Early December - Conclusion of Program function


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