Sportswomen on the road to gender equality

03 Feb 2016 12:25 PM | Janis Shaw

 Federal Health and Sports Minister Sussan Ley has announced that the Australian Government will require elite sporting bodies to provide equal travel and accommodation arrangements for their athletes. This position is well overdue, but is very welcome news coming in today.

Minister Ley said that she has notified sporting organisations who are funded by government that they will either provide gender-equal travel arrangements for their athletes, or face losing their funding. This is a great start toward real gender equality in sport, but there is still more to do. BPW Australia asks that the Government also address the issue of remuneration for women in sport which is understood to fall well below the earnings, whether as amateurs or professionals, of men in sport. We urge attention to this, starting with the collection of reliable data. We need sound, evidence-based policy, in order to keep gender equality in sport on the road to success.

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