First woman jockey to win Melbourne Cup

03 Nov 2015 3:48 PM | Janis Shaw

BPW Australia congratulates Michelle Payne on her historic win in the 2015 Melbourne Cup, riding Prince Of Penzance to victory. We also congratulate Michelle on wearing the finest of colours Green, White and Violet - made famous a century ago by the British Suffragette movement. When interviewed on her victory lap, Michelle said that she had fulfilled her dream today - and we hope that she has many more to be fulfilled. In a male dominated industry, Michelle is a shining role model for other aspiring women jockeys. This is a great day for women in sport and for women in non-traditional careers.

Won't it be great when it becomes a matter of course for a woman jockey to win the Cup? It just takes a first time, and then there will be a second time and a third. Well done, Michelle, on getting it started!

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