EOWA 2012 Employers of Choice for Women announced

14 Mar 2012 2:30 PM | Anonymous

BPW Australia congratulates the organisations recognised as EOWA  ‘Employers of Choice for Women’ on 13 March.

BPW Australia National President Marilyn Forsythe said, “It is a benefit to working women in Australia that 125 companies have met the criteria for the ‘EOWA Employer of Choice for Women’. These are companies that realise women can make a positive difference to their business culture and the balance sheet. We hope that next year the list will multiply as organisations see increasing the number of women as a positive factor in all aspects of their business. BPW Australia encourages you to make your money talk and do business with these 125 companies and show your support for the difference they’re making.”

For all the details and the full list of organisations go to EOWA

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