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Knowing what to say...knowing what to do

November 13 — An informal talk over dinner byYouna Kim, General Manager of Innovation and Development, EDVOS. Our acknowledgement of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

Learn more about the important work EDVOS does at: www.edvos.org.au 


Journeying the Antarctic: A night with Rashmi Venkatraman

June 5— Rashmi Venkatraman recently returned from an expedition with over 75 other women of STEMM, from all over the world, to Antarctica. This was the culmination of a year-long leadership study program. In June, Rashmi came to tell us of her experiences during this 'Homeward Bound' program, and to explain how the expedition had had an impact on her and her colleagues, two of whom came to support her on the night.

Some comments from the attendees:

"My ‘take home’ was how important it is to keep being environmentally conscious even if it sometimes feels like your efforts are insignificant, we have to realise that every little bit counts."

"I was impressed by Rashmi's views on the need to surround oneself with "Critical Friends" and to have constructive conversations, so we can develop personally and professionally. This seems vitally important in the social media age, where we converse in echo chambers and where abuse, rather than respectful debate, is rife." (Caroline)

"Rashmi has such a unique story of learning and success, achieved both independently and with the power of other like-minded women. It was an inspiring night hearing a story I wouldn't have otherwise heard without this opportunity from BPW Melbourne."(Emma)

"My take out was: The power and opportunity to change the world, when a small group of dedicated women get together." (Karen)

 "The message that shot straight through to my heart was ‘Mother Nature needs her daughters’. Such a cry for help." (Denise)

You can learn more about the projects, past and future, here homewardboundprojects.com.au



Women in Politics: Why does it matter?

June —BPW Melbourne presented a special panel discussion on the importance of greater representation of women in politics, and how to address the challenges in achieving this.

Our speakers were (L-R) Federal Labor Member for Hotham Clare O'Neil, City of Monash Mayor Rebecca Paterson, Deputy Leader of the Victorian Nationals Steph Ryan and, University of Melbourne Pathway to Politics Program for Women Academic Director Dr Andrea Carson


Making the Invisible Visible: Recognising the impact and effects of non-physical violence on women's work choices

To mark White Ribbon Day in 2016, we hosted an informative panel discussion with guest speakers:

      • Koraly Dimitriades - author, poet and opinion writer
      • Gaynor Witt - Associate Director of Organisational Development at Swinburne University, and
      • Jacqueline Graham - currently President of BPW Australia

(L-R) MC and Club Secretary Michelle Wareham, Jaqueline Graham, Gaynor Witt, Caroline Bayliss, and Koraly Dimitriadis


Equal Pay Day (September 5)

Equal Pay Day marks the period of extra days in the current year which women need to work to achieve the same wages that men earned during the previous financial year. Equal Pay Day recognises how much longer women have to work to earn the same as men in one year. So for every 12 months that men work, for example, women may have to work approximately an extra 60 odd days. Highlighting this issue and seeking positive progress to close the gap is the foundation of Equal Pay Day.

Read more about Equal Pay Day here

On September 16, BPW Melbourne hosted an event to raise awareness of the relevance of Equal Pay Day, and to actively practice the Women's Empowerment Principles. Executive Committee member Jacqueline Graham convened the evening, and was joined by colleagues Christine Sturgess and Michelle Matthews to lead an interactive panel discussion on "Bridging the Pay Gap".

Some comments from the evening...

"The most informative part of the evening was around ensuring you build your business case from the perspective of the company: what will they gain by investing in you ?"

"I didn't realise how complex the process of determining benefits packages, selecting appropriate candidates, and negotiating a salary can be before this evening."

"The best part of the evening was the interaction after the forum, because the conversation was so engaging... So inspiring to have so many women wanting to take steps on their own behalf."

"I learnt not to give up, to ask: 'What is it I need to do differently to get a pay rise next time ?'"

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