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BPW Australia is a member-based NGO that’s part of a global network, BPW International. We make real differences in women’s lives by creating awareness, leading debate and driving change. Our focus is issues that affect women and work, and our members include business and professional women currently in the world of work, those preparing a career and women who have completed their working lives and remain committed to our aims.

Our members give their time and passion to support our campaigns, run projects and drive change that's good for women and the world. And we network, learn and have fun along the way.

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Latest News

Oct 14

BPW Australia Action – Beijing+20 Submission

BPW members have had their say responding to the Beijing+20 online survey, and BPW Australia received a number of contributions for inclusion in the BPWA organisational response to the Beijing+20 Review. The focus of our submission was “Women in Power and Decision-Making”, one of the 12 critical areas of concern in the Beijing Platform for Action.

Oct14 8.2 BPW Australia Submission to review of Beijing+20

Aug 14

Gender Pay Gap Grows to 18.2% Less for Women in 2014

BPW Australia is disturbed by the almost 1% increase in the pay gap between men and women over the past 12 months. Despite all attempts by government to ensure better workplace practices, somehow employers are missing the mark.

BPW Australia calls upon the government to educate employers about the concept of a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work, and end the secrecy of what men earn in their pay packet compared to women. If there was improved transparency around what workers were paid, women would be better valued for the work they do to keep the Australian economy burning. …Read more

Jul 14

Business Leaders Agree Gender Equity is Good Business Sense

As G20 countries met in Sydney to discuss global trade and finance this week, business leaders came together at an important event highlighting the difference women’s empowerment and gender equity make to the bottom line.  The Grattan Institute reports that a six per cent rise in female participation would increase the size of the Australian economy by around $25 billion a year. …Read more

  • Equal Pay Day

    Equal Pay Day Logo

    BPW Australia takes a leading role in uniting government and private sector employers in striving to achieve gender pay equity for all working women.

    In partnership with the ACTU, BPW formed the Equal Pay Alliance in 2009 which now represents over 100, 000 employees.

    Click here to find out more about this and our Equal Pay Day activities.

  • UN Global Compact

    Equal Pay Day Logo

    BPW Australia became a signatory to the UN Global Compact in August 2011. The Global Compact is a principle-based framework for businesses, stating ten principles in the areas of human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption. Under the Global Compact, companies are brought together with UN agencies, labour groups and civil society.