It's time to recognise
the stellar clubs and champion
members of BPW Australia.

At National Conference we showcase  those who have demonstrated their dedication and commitment to the BPW Aims.   Through our honours platform we record the clubs and women amongst us that serve as role models.  The following Awards will be awarded at the Conference to exceptional Clubs or Individual Members for the invaluable contribution that they make to BPW. 

Nominations MUST be submitted by 5pm EST 31 January 2022

The BPW National Club Awards

The BPW National Member Awards

Clubs are nominated by a State Representative based on the excellence in the performance of their club management committee including efficiently run events, support of the Club President, mentoring, succession planning, club finances, teamwork and maintaining club status. The club will have developed, or maintained, exceptional administrative functionality, communications and ensured the continuity of BPW Aims through selected focus or programs that impact both locally and in the wider community. 

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This Award is an open nomination from Clubs, States or National Executive to recognise a member who best represents the ideals and aspirations of BPW at Club level. (Candidates should not be a current committee member.)

This award will recognise those members who best encapsulate the ethos of BPW by supporting, encouraging and coaching other women, and influencing projects and advocacy on a local level and in her local community.

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Nominations are invited from Club Presidents and State Representatives to recognise a club that has significantly increased membership or led initiatives with a measurable impact on numbers and enhanced member engagement.

This could include a community membership campaign, an online initiative, or the introduction of an internal club member-focussed program to strengthen member commitment to each other and to a shared vision resulting in higher retention of current members.

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This Award is nominated by Club members; as important as our newest members are, the longevity of the BPW movement is testament to the loyalty and commitment of our long-term members.

This award will recognise the consistent hard work of these women and will be presented to a member who has actively maintained her BPW commitment for longer than 10 years and continues to offer counsel and support in her club, or to other clubs.

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Nominations from a State Representative to recognise a club that has specifically widened their influence across multiple BPW clubs and/or other women’s or community groups.

They will have worked to improve the network of Clubs in their State or Territory or across the country thereby improving the effectiveness and reach of their Club network.  This may be for a particular program or focus for a short or longer period.

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This Award is nominated by either Club Committees, State Representatives or by an individual member.  At the heart of the BPW mission is the mentoring, both formal and informal, and the ongoing supportive coaching provided within our safe club environment. This award will be presented to a member who has shown a high level of commitment to mentoring other BPW members themselves or who has been involved in coaching other members to become mentors. They may also be involved in mentoring programs within the local community.

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This Award is presented to the BPW Club that has produced an outstanding Annual Report for any one of these periods.

  • 2018-2019 
  • 2019-2020 
  • 2020-2021  

Nominations require a copy of the annual report.

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This Award is nominated by Club members to recognise a member who has joined within the past three years. Renewal of passion and drive in BPW Clubs can be enhanced by the contribution and engagement of new members. This award seeks to recognise this by acknowledging the verve of the newest women in our network. Each nomination should clearly outline the connection and impact shown by the candidate as evidenced by their involvement in Club events and regular meetings, in their engagement with Club operations and/or project work.

Please note: Due to the deferment of the Conference, because of COVID-19 in 2020, members who would have been eligible to nominate for the Award at last year’s Conference are eligible to nominate this year.

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The Award criteria and Nomination Form are available online. Nominations are free. 
You will need to register your email and if you are not able to complete the Nomination Form
and upload photos and supporting documents at the one time, you can Save the form and come
back to complete the Nomination by logging in at a later time.   Please r
emember that all clubs
and members nominated must hold financial status with BPW Australia to be eligible recipients. 

Any questions please contact Director of Membership

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