BPW Executive Board

Janis Shaw

Janis Shaw


Club: BPW Darwin – NT

Janis first joined BPW Darwin more than ten years ago and has a strong commitment to the goals and values of BPW Australia and BPW International. As BPWA President, Janis brings a leadership style characterised by organisational skill, strategic planning and cooperative negotiation.

Janis Shaw is currently Director of Leadership and Organisational Culture at Charles Darwin University, having worked at Director level in the Federal and Territory public sectors Janis brings a wide range of governance, community engagement and management skills to her working life and volunteer activities, and has significant capability in strategic, financial and people management in large organisations.

Janis is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management and a Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Academic qualifications:
PhD in Epidemiology and Population Health, Honours Degree in Psychology


Heather Veal

Director of Finance

Club: BPW Darwin – NT

Heather brings with her over 20 years experience in both Project and Management accounting in hospitality, construction and the oil and gas industry. Her vast knowledge of various management systems brings a wealth of knowledge to take BPW Australia financial and administration systems forward over the term of her appointment.

Heather looks forward to applying her knowledge for the benefit of BPWA and mentoring members looking to improve their accounting, treasurer or financial skills.   The Director of Finance is responsible for the day-to-day financial and fiscal management of BPW Australia.


Dr Jean Murray

Executive Secretary

Club: BPW Adelaide – SA

Jean has considerable, long-standing experience in BPW Australia and BPW International. She was Executive Secretary of BPW International from 2008 to 2011 and is Resolutions Chair for the 2014 BPW International Conference in Jeju, South Korea.

Jean is an adjunct academic at Flinders University School of Health Care management and works in the areas of bioethics. She has wide experience in constitutional review and reform, governance and planning.

As Executive Secretary, Jean is responsible for ensuring accurate record keeping and administration of documentation to ensure our governance and compliance, and supports the National President in the day-to-day management of BPW Australia.

Academic qualifications:
Doctorate Public Health (ethics) – Flinders University
Master Health Service Management – Flinders University
BAppSc – University of South Australia

Director of Marketing

This position is currently vacant.


Erin Chew

Director of Young BPW (ad interim)

Club: BPW Strathfield – NSW

Erin has had considerable involvement in developing youth mentoring programs for young women in schools around Western Sydney, focusing on leadership and empowerment. She has spent her career as a trainer and assessor and a youth mentoring consultant, focusing on young people who have challenging behaviours.

An entrepreneur, Erin has started her own public relations, training and lobbying company called Lobby Point. She does business both domestically and overseas.  She is also the founder and a convenor for the Asian Australian Alliance, which convenes community consultations and advocates on common issues facing the Asian Australian community. She has also started the Asian Australian Alliance Young Leaders which provides mentoring and professional development support for youth in university campuses across Australia.

Erin was part of BPW Strathfield in its initial stages and served as the Interim Secretary and Vice President for Membership. She is passionate about furthering the agenda for women, particularly young women’s participation in education, public and private sector and in politics.

Academic qualifications: Currently studying a Masters of Politics and Policy – Deakin University
BBusiness – Majoring in Economic and Finance Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
Diploma of Business Services in Human Resource Management

 Kimberly James

Kimberly James

Director of Policy (ad interim)

Club – BPW Cabooluture – QLD

Kimberly James joined BPW 10 years ago and has been a very active club member, including a term as BPW Caboolture Club President.

Kimberly has always been passionate about policy, ensuring that women’s issues were discussed and debated in all forums to ensure that the voice of women was heard. In her term as BPW Caboolture President, Kimberly engaged with the local DV service and initiated the first local domestic violence march, worked to increase small-business recognition locally and sought to ensure women’s issues made the front page of the local newspapers. She aspires to a political career, and in 2011 campaigned solidly for local council election.

Kimberly’s passion stems from working with women at their most vulnerable times. Her term as Executive Officer with EconomicSecurity4Women gave her a greater understanding of the intended and unintended outcomes of policy and legislation that affect women daily, and an appreciation of BPWA’s amazing history at the forefront of the advancement of Australian women. Kimberly is inspired by the efforts of previous Directors of Policy. Her aim is to strengthen women’s voices and continue to work towards equality in our society.

 Perla Soberon-Brittle Board

Perla Soberon Brittle

Director of Membership (ad interim)

Club: BPW Adelaide – SA

Perla has been a member of BPW Adelaide for many years, occupying a variety of Club and State positions, and is committed to the values and objectives of BPW Australia and BPW International. She is a member of the BPWA Agnes Robertson Fund Committee.
As Director of Membership Perla brings very strong skills in communication and negotiation and the ability to ‘think outside the box’ due to her background in public relations, human resources and cultural diversity. Currently, Perla is works for a not-for-profit NGO in the Human Resources area as well as running her own microbusiness providing business services.

She is a Fellow of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers and a Member of the Australia Institute of Company Directors. Academic qualifications Bachelor in Political Sciences (Honours equivalent) Jesuit University of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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